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Fill your house with memories with scentsy wax bars And beautiful warmers  to place your order 

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Scentsy party is Here

Click  link to join me with scentsy party and Every order this month receives a free gift from me.

Come join scentsy

Come join my team as a independent scentsy Consultant. lots of fun and we work as a team. And for month of September you can join for only $15

Click link below to join or call me at 772-626-6428


Snow Globe


❄️The Snow Globe Warmer is unlike anything we’ve offered before. A sweet snowman family☃️  in a glitter wonderland (yes, glitter!) reminds us of everything we love about winter, while a light casts a soft holiday glow and a fan keeps the glitter in motion for continuous sparkle. ☃️❄️

 🎄Each warmer is numbered to be a unique, limited-edition collectible. It even comes with a matching Christmas ornament to adorn your tree!

 ☃️❄️Ready to shine as the new centerpiece of your holiday décor, the Snow Globe Warmer is $130 and will be available while supplies last starting Wednesday, Nov. 13.☃️❄️


Olaf Scentsy buddy and Olaf Brick


Olaf scentsy buddy comes with own special  scent pack. The wax  brick is Olaf amazing scent. vanilla/minty smells like a clean snowy day. My favorite scent. Order link below

About Us


WhoI I am

As a mother of 2 children and now a grandmother. I joined Scentsy as a independent consultant the same day I tried Scentsy.  I was impressed with the quality and designs of their warmers and diffusers .After using scentsy for a few months I was shocked at how well the wax bars smell and lasted.  Joining scentsy was the best thing I’ve done. I am able to bring great products to people that are safe, beautiful,and affordable. 

If you are interested in hosting a Scent Event please feel free to call or email me anytime or if you have interest in earning extra income selling scentsy  I would’ve be happy to help you  as well.

As a part of my team you have access to  webinars on variety of topics, monthly news letter, Facebook groups and lots more.


Fall/winter 2019

Scentsy buddies come with a free scent pack that goes inside.

We have buddy clips, blanket buddies and sidekicks,


How does scentsy work

Distinctive Scentsy Warmers melt specially Formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt light bulb, enhancing your home with more than  125 Scentsy Fragrances safely, with no Flame, or soot

Scentsy wax bar vs another brand

Check out this great video

Go to link below to place orders👇🏼

Micky & Minnie wax warmers and wax bars


Micky or Minnie wax warmers perfect for kids room and scentsy warmers warm the wax dont heat the wax making safe to touch. Minnie and Mickey even have there own wax bars

manic Mansion

Frosty Glow an Frosty mini Glow will life up your room for holiday 


Frosty Glow And Frosty mini Glow beautiful wax  warmers and lights up Your room and makes any room smell amazing with  scentsy wax bars. All warmers   have  life time warranty’s

Scentsy pets


Scentsy pets Is  great for dog, puppies, cats,and kittens. available in Shampoo, detangler, and deodorant spray.

Honey& Chamomile

oatmeal &  Aloe

Orange zest & nectar

100% Vega n, made in 🇺🇸, made with mild pet safe fragrances.


Tinker bell warmer


With this warmer scentsy is donating $7 from each sale of This warmer to MAKe A WISH FOUNDTION. In addition every warm bough thru me I will also be donating $7 from each sale . this is so dear to my heart I want o give back to . We can make a difference 1 warmer at a time. Go to link below

Luke the Labrador


Luke is our new scentsy buddy . Kids love scentsy buddies they smell amazing  and come with a scent pack  can also get wax bar

Disney scentsy buddies


Scent buddies come with a scent pack . You choose what scent you like. Many different scents to choose from

About Us


Wax warmers

 Distintive warmers melt specially formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt bulb,enhancing your home with more than 125 scentsy fragrances  safely, with no  flame,or soot.



Star Gaze diffuser

Our most personalized fragrance experience yet. simple add water and you favorite scentsy oil to the diffuser reservoir ( start  with 4-5 drops , use more or less oil to customize your fragrance intensity) and choose your light and mist opinions. 

The diffuser releases your perfect fragrance,carried in a microscopic mist, for an exclusively natural, full bodied  for more information go to

Star Gaze warmer no 2 warmers are alike beautiful warmer looks 3D .


Scentsy Fragrance Scented Candles

 Scentsy Fragrance specializes in unique and fragrant wick less candles, Room sprays,Scentsy Candle bars and many  other products including ,Scentsy  Diffusers, Essential oils, scentsy body scents laundry, bathscentsy clean products, and scentsy buddies, clips, side kicks, and blank buddies for kids.

Scentsy began with a simple idea, a safe, wick less alternative to scented candles. They are much more than  wax bars for scent  less candles.


Scentsy buddies

Check out this great video

scentsy buddies, scentsy buddy clips, scentsy side kicks, and blanket  buddies

click link below to get to my other web site. To purchase

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